Fist contact with shar pei was for us a love at first sight. Shar pei who completely changed our life is Lady In Red, for us simply Akira. We bought her from shar pei breeder Aleksandra Studen to whom we are much thankful for trusting us such a lovely girl. Akira has introduced us to world of kinology much farther we ever thought of. Although we did not had an intention to attend shows her first results were much promising and we could say she was enjoying every minute of it.

After a few years living together with Akira and knowing the breed much more we decided to get more involved and registered kennel by the name Dragon Lady. We are paying special attention to type, harmony, character and a specially to health. We are breeding only occasionally and there for we make sure only the best is good enough for our shar peis.

Beside breeding and attending shows we are also active in Shar pei clubs: SKVPM (Slovenian club for large breeds and mollosers) - Shar pei Section , Shar pei club Italiano.

Being a shar pei owner is worth of every afford for they give in return always much more then they ask for. Their persistence, stubbornness and their desire for comfort addicts you to the limit one is never enough.


  Dragon Lady

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