At birth you were given a name Lady In Red. As the name can define character you were a true lady in all things all the time. At spoiling you shined and slowly wrapped us around your "finger". Although we decided that you will sleep in your own bed you soon joined us and slowly made a place of your own in our bed. Many times someone ended up on the edge of bed, because you find a way to occupy a larger piece of bed.

You were a great philosopher, reather playing you were engrossed in deep thoughts which were many times hidden from us, and was talking with your velvet humming or only nodding with your head. You were peaceful girl with very stable caracter, never giving us any truoble. Also the visits at vet were nothing scarry for you. There you could meet many four legged friends and the vets were amazed at your gentle caracter and your wagging tail all the time during the examination.

The world of television was a whole new world for you! You watched cartoons, news, but the most popular were of course channels with animal program. If it was turned off you persistently waited to be turned on. But you didn't show the interest only for TV. A lot of work is done on computer and soon you noticed that from time to time we are watching photos of you and your friends whom you recognized. And we had to bring you a chair of your own so you could see them more closely...

You enjoyed on the balcony and lied there for hours and hours, especially when the warm sun was shining. You loved all animals and if given a chance you would bring them all in out home with you. That's way we took you to the ZOO, where you enjoyed immensely. We were afraid, that the visit could be too stressful for you, but we were wrong. Lipizzaner gave away some kisses while climbing toward him, elephant Ganga spoke even a few words with you.

Twice you became a mother. Both times you presented us two boys ans one girl. You were attentive mother, the second time you had a big help from your daughter A-Capella. On the first day, when you whelped 2nd litter, we let her in to see what was a big fus about, and you let her in a puppy box to attend for her new born brothers and sister. You trusted your pupies to her unconditionality, while others were always under the watchful eye of yours. 

You weren't the most playful and merry shar pei, but when it was time to play, nobody outrunned you. Even A-Capella, the exceptional runner, couldn't catch you with a little help of her friends. In the last months, as you would knew your days are being counted, you were most playful as ever before. A-Capella, always ready to play, was hiding from you having enough running for that day. With your siblings you were closely bonded, even if you seen some of them less then others. Especially nice to see was all three our girls together, when Buckaroo joined you two. You were like three musketeers, never argued, just being happy to be together. Your bond came even more evident, when you had only a few days to live. Buckaroo was crying inconsolably, Branko and Vesna couldn't understand her pain and how to console her. How could they, if nobody wasn't aware that it was time to say good bye. Also Baltazar, who was your favorite, was restless on the day of our biggest sadness.

When I came back home and you were not with me A-Capella didn't understand and has experienced inevitable shock. For the first time she was truly alone, without her mum, who cared for her, was cleaning her teeth, protected her from aggressive dogs, and speak for her with wiggling tail and trying to soften my "anger" when she wasn't behaving as a good dog should.

When we buried your urn, she was all the time beside you. Since then, to us in unexplainable way, she is guarding your grave by lying beside you when in the garden. As much as missed by A-Capella, you are missed also by us. You went on the other side of rainbow to soon, but still we were very fortunate to spent this short time with you. You were our first dog, first shar pei and we couldn't have a better teacher, who took us in the magic world of wrinkles.

Your family


  Dragon Lady

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